We live in a society where it's difficult to find time to reach out to people and find out how they're doing. When we have the time, it's even more difficult to have a meaningful conversation without the greetings, and surface talk. Our application Reach, aims to eliminate this problem by allowing a way for users to display their current emotional state to their friends and family.

What it does

Reach prompts you for how your current emotional/mental state is and whether or not it's something you want to talk about. It then leads you to another screen where you can see how your close friend's state is. You can then contact them to check up on them.

How we built it

We used html and CSS.

Challenges we ran into

We lacked the proper technical skills and time to build it into an actual application so a lot of the features aren't as we envisioned.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Wire flow

What we learned

We learned more about git, css and html as well as Figma.

What's next for Reach

Perhaps integration with other social media platforms such as Facebook messenger

Built With

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