• Month ago the organisers of HTN made a Tech Retreat hackathon among high school graduates. Although lot of my university friends signed for it and participated, I found out about it the day before event took place. I questioned myself how my friends find Facebook events while I don't.
  • Last week was Frosh week. With a group of students we went to search for parties in the university area nearby, because somebody posted announcement on Facebook. By the time we came, the party was shut down and we wasted tons of hours walking around and finding public parties asking people.
  • After the frosh week I have made lot of friends, but when I go for launch, I am too lazy to send everyone sms "Where are you?" and instead of enjoying my meal in a group of friends, I had to think about education the whole day. I love basketball and soccer, but I don't know when public meetings going to happen and where. There are so many events are happening on a campus that you are interested in and you don't even know about their existence!

What it does

This super simple mobile app shows you your friend's real time location. The main page is a map which is full of pins of events that are going on and will happen nearby. You can immediately organise soccer game, find gym partner, invite your coworker for launch and any kinds of events that can come in your mind!

How we built it

Just did it.

Challenges we ran into

Putting real time markers of users on map. Synchronisation among all devices. System administration on VPS and project deploying. Next time we will use Docker as virtual machine.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Achieving real time markers of users. Being able to broadcast events to the public.

What we learned

Rest API. Cross platform messaging. Google maps.

What's next for Reach

There are so many features we plan to add:

  • Invite you friend.
  • Make public, private and invite only events
  • Instead of red markers users will see friend's avatars
  • Event chat systems
  • Picture sync with a binding to a certain event
  • Uber button(only for HTN) to direct friends to the event and much more
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