We wanted to work within the theme of social diversity and inclusion. We believe that peer-to-peer contact is the single best way to foster community level change, and wanted to create a tool that would foster interpersonal contact between diverse groups. Our brainstorming session slowly grew into Reach a Racist.


Note: Advanced Track

What it does

Queries for tweets displaying racial stereotypes within a certain geographic radius of the user, and then provides contact information for the authors. We provide a form letter encouraging polite discourse.

How we built it

The website itself uses Bootstrap, and then queries the twitter API through node in order to display live tweets.

Challenges we ran into

Incorporating the Twitter API, which included simply connecting to it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The UI! Also, launching a website that we can actually go online and view.

What we learned

Launching a website from beginning to end - two of our group members didn't know web dev before the hackathon, and this was our first experience with full stack development.

What's next for Reach a Racist

There's obviously a lot of potential for abuse of the current system since we publicly display people's contact information, so we may add in anonymization features for twitter users next. We would also implement a more sophisticated tweet filter, perhaps based on a simple machine learning algorithm.

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