Tutorials are a great asset for education. Unfortunately, some of them are too good. Professors might want to display a method or practice, but don't want to show too much.

What it does

This tool helps professors obfuscate code to help hide the end goal, requiring students to read more carefully, as well as hinder the searchability of the code.

How we built it

Using Java String parsing, we chunk code into pieces that can be read easily. Then, by using keyword references, we build an index of established variables, and present them for hot-swapping. The user selects the ones to replace, and what to replace them with.

Challenges we ran into

Regular expressions, and keyword-context identification. Document building and UI Design proved challenging

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Successfully used Git and modularization of code to allow simultaneous workflow. The language parsing is a feat we are very happy with the success of.

What we learned

Programmers have weird habits.

What's next for Re_Source

We'd like to finish it, and maybe add some features like: -revisioning -support for plugins of other languages

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