We want to help make the earth a more sustainable place. Earth is our home, and if we continue to waste resources and be unsustainable, we decrease our quality of life and destroy the natural gifts of our world. Along with the difficulty of not knowing what items are accepted at certain recycling centers and finding the recycling center best for you, this website was especially created to address this issue. We noticed that there was a lack of compiled information of nearby resources to take care of items that were no longer used. With recycling centers specifically, many only take certain items - our approach to this was to research and create a list of accepted items and match it to what was entered by the user.

What it does

This helps people discard unused items in a sustainable yet easy way. The website's clear directions lay-out helps users effectively give back to not only others, but to the earth too.

How we built it

The homepage of our website was made using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript on Qoom. Website prototype/demo was created on Figma.

Challenges we ran into

We struggled to find a clean yet effective design for our app/website. Often, it looked cluttered or awkward. In addition, we sometimes had issues with the coding of the website, as we aren't experienced coders.

What we learned

We learned to use new platforms and apply our basic knowledge of coding to create a website. With Figma specifically, which none of us had experience in, we learned to create basic designs and connections between frames.

Built With

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