THE WORLDWIDE SHORTAGE OF MASKS AND GLOVES DURING THE PANDEMIC . Also, usage of electricity from a Waste-to-Energy plant and providing material for the same.

What it does

It is a plant that Sanitizes the used and thrown face masks and hand gloves , therefore reducing its new formation and reducing the overall cost. We aim to make these fresh masks and gloves at affordable prices to all sections of the community. Here this plant uses the electricity from WtE plants and therefore are located in a closer vicinity as them. They are also planned to be closer to plastic recycling plant. The reason apart from deriving electricity is sending the non-reusable masks and gloves could be sent to that very plant for incineration as well as recycling.

How we built it

We have built a design using basic Autodesk as well as online designing software called Smart Draw. At the same time we have created a website to provide more information and what are our future prospects - Because we plan to get more virtual and accessible to all, but with some help and learning.

Challenges we ran into

The first challenge was Thinking! Since we are Non-tech students, we have no idea about coding or software development and therefore making a design for an actual thing was the only solution. And the next thing was, using those design software too!!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are definitely proud of what we've made and our entire idea, but more than that we are proud of getting it on a platform like this and converting our thoughts into a process... Even if its Primary.

What we learned

We learnt team work, working on complicated design platforms like Autodesk and most importantly, creating the best in the least of time!!

What's next for Re-use plant for single use gloves and mask

The next is making a mobile application for a better user accessibility and making people connected. Also set up special bins with their locations using GIS and connecting them with users through the application.

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