The Problem

Can you imagine trying to coordinate a visit for a child, possibly many children as well as their parents, and their social workers?

The Solution

A mobile application that is designed to make it ridiculously easy for a social worker to schedule a visitation among all the required parties by suggesting multiple dates, times, and location and allowing the parties to choose what works best for the group.

How I built it

Step 1: Understand the problems Step 2: Identify the problem we want to focus on Step 3: Ideation Step 4: Agree on a happy path Step 5: Mock up the screens Step 6: Assign tasks Step 7: Hack it together Step 8: Test Step 9: Polish

Challenges I ran into

Time is always our biggest challenge. The dev team worked really well together and the tech worked out pretty smoothly with these pro's!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We built an end to end MVP in less than 24 hours!

What we learned

-Spin up a node api from scratch on AWS -Learned that visitations, even though court ordered, may not happen / not happen as often as ordered or as quickly as ordered -The social workers are super eager and excited to have our help

What's next for Re:Unite - HackFosterCareLA

-Hopefully we'll be able to continue to support the project

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