The game is inspired in no small part by the Tron series, which involved a man's struggle against AIs in mini-games. We wanted to try working with virtual reality and to breathe new life with new tech to old ideas, old visions.

What it does

A player explores a maze on a tank, watching out for traps and ambushes from turrets. Goal: Travel through a maze to the correct exit while under attack from stationary turrets.

How we built it

Uses Oculus Rift to view world from top of the turret. Uses Unity to allow for Joystick and button manipulation Joystick - Manipulates orientation of cannon Button - Fires shell Head movement - Moves tank Bridge between hardware and software done using Arduino

Challenges we ran into

We realized that terrain and high-level enemy AI's were difficult and would require more time to perfect - not suitable for the hackathon. Getting the Oculus Rift to even cooperate was difficult, as none of our laptops had the proper specs for it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting the turret to follow the head, launching physically-realistic projectiles, moving the tank with the joystick, and creating a physical console with laser-cut acrylic pieces.

What we learned

We learned that despite being old, joysticks and button setups can still be useful controllers and that there's an incredible amount of opportunity in VR for hardware like Arduino and traditional controllers to make an appearance.

What's next for Re:Tron

Terrain hazards will be an interesting addition, as certain elements such as mountainous, aqueous, arboreal, and trench elements will influence play. Multiplayer functionality can be added as well choice in tank models. Different modes can be added for increased difficulty, such as more enemies, mobile enemies, a time limit, and side-quests.

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