Speaking with student leaders at the University of Calgary, one of chief complaints of undergraduates has been the lack of research accessibility. Though the University of Calgary created a consolidated research award application to streamline the application process (and hopefully, encourage more research), in actuality, this has minimally helped bridge the relationship between undergraduate and professors.

What it does

re(search) is an app that allows students to query their research interests and will be searched against a database with professor interests.

How we built it

Beautiful Soup was used to scrape research interests of professors and then put into a database. JavaFX was used for a front-end to help users to query interests.

What we learned

Working with JSoup was a huge hassle, and so our group learnt that BeautifulSoup was the superior web scrapping tool. To much of our disappointment, most of us had to refresh our knowledge of JavaFX.

What's next for re(search)

Applying this program to multiple departments will allow students to search this on different departments. Additionally, we hope to implement features to scrape the personal websites of professors.

Built by Jeremy Fan, Decheng Wang, Jenny Zhang, Aries Dimaranan, Linh Phan

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