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INSPIRATION. I really feel inspired to help people out you know? We all want to help people in our lives, especially those in developing regions of the world and/or those suffering from serious, but curable diseases and other health issues. Health is undeniably a big issue in our global society today. That's why right here, at PennApps XII, we decided to do absolutely nothing useful in innovating this very important and budding field of the Internet of Things in Health. That's right. Our amazing project instead takes the latest fashion among Japanese Women Bicyclists - the sleek visor:

exhibit 1

exhibit 2

and ruins it completely by adding an Arduino "Pro" Mini connected to an OLED display and a pulse sensor onto it. You'll never guess what it does - that's right, it displays your heart pulse. Yeah, that's literally all it does.

What it does

Pretty much absolutely nothing.

How I built it

With a ton of tape.

It's not very aesthetic, needless to say.

Challenges I ran into

It likes to occasionally display heartbeats ranging from 0 bpm (beats per minute) to well over 200 bpm. I assure you, its not you, its us. Our device is completely flawed with bugs - due to memory issues with the Arduino and just making the pulse sensor go all willy wonka basically.

(We like to call it a "demo".)

In the event that our device is performing accurately and continues to display either 0 or >200 bpm, that means you're undergoing cardiac arrest and our suggested recommendation is to immediately call medical emergency services. (Or not. You probably won't have to worry about much anymore at 0 bpm.)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Snagging a Cheese-steak in Philadelphia, Saturday afternoon.

What I learned

That I honestly need to stop working on hardware hacks cause they cause nothing but pain and suffering upon me and my family.

What's next for RE:move

It'll be "RE:moved" from my life and likely collect dust in the back of my dorm room closet. lol.

Built With

  • a-shitty-arduino-with-not-enough-god-damn-memory
  • disappointment
  • oled-screen
  • pulse-sensor-amped
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