People suffering from dementia struggle to recognize the faces of loved ones and those close to them. Our iPhone application utilizes AR technology to help attach a name and relationship to the faces of these loved ones. All of our team members have dealt with family members experiencing dementia, and the majority of our inspiration comes from this personal experience.

Women are at higher risk for dementia than men, making this one of the many issues affecting women’s health. Sexism and misogyny know no age limit. Elder abuse is a prevalent issue in America; women are not only at higher risk of elder abuse, but patients suffering from dementia are as well.

What it does

Our app utilizes image recognition software (Vuforia) on an AR platform (Unity) to help patients gain a name + face + relationship connection without having to interact with family members. This saves some of the embarrassment and stigma of the disease. By having it on the iPhone, the user will not have to ask family members or carry around bulky devices in order to gain a visual cue.

Challenges we ran into

We had aimed to add further functionality and usefulness through the use of an API, however we found that our tech stack was difficult to integrate with an API that was not associated with Unity and Vuforia. We unfortunately had to move on from this goal.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of building an application that we believe people, such as our own family members, can benefit from. We are also proud of the ease of use of the app and the straightforwardness of the UI. We believe that this can be a useful tool that is quick to learn how to use and provides clarity through a sleek interface design.

What we learned

We learned about integrating two separate technologies (Unity and Vuforia) to solve a problem, and additionally learned about using Blender to enhance our Unity sprites and the restraints of integrating software such as Unity with an unaffiliated API.

What's next for re●mind

Although we were unable to implement this during the hackathon, we plan to add a login for someone such as a family member to customize the account and add information/training photos. This should be doable with a backend database to contain user data. We would like to add in an interactive option to click on a name once it has been recognized, so that the user can see more information about the given family member. We also would like to extend the app to not only recognize photos, but also recognize the family members in person. This way, the user will be able to determine who they are speaking to without needing to ask them, or confusing them with someone else.

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