I am always forgetting things; an app that automatically messages you with a reminder would be super useful!

What it does

Enter a message and a phone number and the app will send a text message to you through the Twilio API.

How I built it

React Native, Node.js, Twilio API

Challenges I ran into

Getting React Native to work. I am still very new to mobile dev!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I got the app to run!

What I learned

I learned how to create a mobile app and use the Twilio API.

What's next for RE-MIND

1) Implement recurring reminders 2) Implement reminders after x amount of time

RE-MIND (Mobile Application)


RE-MIND is an app that helps remind you of deadlines and tasks by messaging you! It's a great way to not forget and keep your MIND on track! It is a cross-platform application that uses React Native and Twilio to send reminders/notifications.


  • React Native
  • Twilio
  • Node.js
  • Expo
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