New York City is both a city of dreams and hardships. While many gather in hopes of success, others gather on the streets just to scrape by. Those people in a financial bind, whether they be students, adults or seniors, often find themselves sacrificing the quality and quantity of their food in order to make ends meet. Inversely, as the population in New York City becomes denser, grocery stores are overstocking goods and end up throwing away a large portion of their stock. Our aim is to provide a service in which we satisfy both parties.

What it does

The aim of our application is to provide a platform in which grocery stores can sell products that are nearing their expected expiration date at a discounted rate. Users can utilize a real-time map in order to find stores that subscribe to our service and see the available inventory. It is, however, not necessary for someone to know what they want prior to using the app. has a stream-lined service in which users can search a store's inventory by category. We believe that this platform will not only be able to make a large impact on reducing food waste but also, provide others with a means to get quality food.

How I built it

In order to create a user-friendly platform, we used react-native as well as Figma; a collaborative platform for developers and designers. We did all of our UI design in Figma and dissected the functionalities each page provides. Once the design was complete and our aim was clear, we began coding.

Challenges I ran into

One of the challenges that we faced was with coding the platform. Given our time frame and level of individual expertise in developing an app, we were not able to create every functionality that we wanted to create.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Given that for the majority of our group, this is our first hackathon. We are incredibly proud of the group's ability to be flexible and work together in order to create a cohesive and genuine idea. Similarly, given our inexperience using react-native, we are extremely proud of our final product.

What I learned

Throughout this weekend, we learned how to build upon our ideas in a healthy productive way, collaborate with each other, and work through creative differences.

What's next for

In the foreseeable future, more in-depth functionalities will be introduced to the platform. Such functionalities for users will include location tracking, bar code scanning, and online payment. Functionalities that may be provided to the stores may include inventory forecasting. This will allow grocery stores to estimate what items they need in their inventory in a set time frame, and ultimately reduce waste.

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