We have acknowledged that social media marketing is a huge thing nowadays especially here in Indonesia. With the increasing opportunity in this field, we can see that many people from regular people to big-name “selebgrams”, started to take advantage of this opportunity. From the business owners' perspective, due to this huge surge, it gets harder to achieve an efficient and effective marketing strategy that creates a huge penetration in the product's market segment. Therefore, we aim to create a social media endorsement platform that can benefit both ends, social media influencers and business owners. Businesses can conveniently find more suitable endorsers and social influencers can be more “open to endorsements”.

What it does

Re-gram collects and compiles an endorser profiles ranging from some "local star" to well-known internet sensations. We allow businesses to directly search for an endorser or to filter tags, location, and price range of endorsers with the goal of helping them find the perfect endorser for their business. With no account creation required for business owners, this make Re-gram the perfect tools to easily find the perfect candidate to be the endorser of the product.

How I built it

We have decided to create a mobile app since business nowadays depends solely on mobile phone to run its business. The app is built with react-native on the client-side. We open up a server on Digital Ocean to act as the server-side. We build the database and set the API using Django framework to handle the CRUD of the app.

Challenges I ran into

This is the first remote hackathon for most of us and we feel like it is definitely more challenging than having an in-person hackathon. Communication is definitely one major issue in our team but we are quite happy that we can deliver the final product in such a short time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  1. We are able to deliver the product we have in mind
  2. We are able to vision the business plan for this product
  3. We are able to know more about Anya Geraldine :)

What I learned

We learned a lot about merging conflicts here and there. We also try a tool for remote development and it helps us a lot in debugging our program. Designing the initial app is also a fun process and it is definitely a worthy experience to design the interface and architecture of Re-gram from start to finish.

What's next for Re-gram

We will probably expand this to include Youtube's content creators as well. Some talks about having a way to make a transaction in the application are also being considered. Another expansion that we will do is possibly creating a ranking and tier system based on followers and price. We feel like having processed data to be shown to the users will make it even easier for them to solve the problem using our app. We will also integrate Instagram login to allow accurate data to be shown and user's convenience.

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