Sustainability is a pressing issue, especially for the fashion industry. We found that 80% of discarded clothing items end up in landfills and many fashion brands use unethical labor practices. Oftentimes while shopping, we are not aware of the sustainable credibility of specific brands. We decided to design an app that helps you make more educated choices when it comes to purchasing items and discarding items in your wardrobe.

What it does

Re fashion is an ios/android app that aims to educate users on fashion brands, promote sustainable options for buying and discarding clothes and assist in wardrobe organization. In the app, users can add and categorize items in their closet. Scores are given to each closet item, depending on the brand and how the item was obtained. The user's overall closet is given a score to show their progress towards a green wardrobe. Within the app, users also have the option to explore different brands, learn about their closet ratings and learn about local places to shop sustainably, clothing donation centers and platforms where they can resell clothing.

How I built it

The first step in building this app was doing extensive brand research. Inspired by brand ratings from and the 2020 Fashion Transparency Index Review ( we created our own algorithm for scoring users wardrobes based on a sample of our favourite fashion brands.

The next step in the process was to design the app flow, which we did on Figma, allowing us to discuss and decide on our vision for the app. We aimed for a clean, minimal design with a simple color scheme.

Following the app mock-up, we began coding the app functionality and features using React-Native and we began to familiarize ourselves with Firebase to store app data.

Challenges & Accomplishments

As beginners with React-Native it was challenging to get our project started. We initially ran into issues simulating and debugging our design, however as time went on the process became easier. Furthermore, it was our first time using Firebase, so it was a steep learning curve trying to integrate it with our React-Native app. Due to time constraints, we were unable to add and test our final feature which was adding images to the closet database. Despite the challenges, we were able to accomplish the majority of our app and learn a significant amount about software design!

What's next for re fashion

In the future, we hope to implement and test the photo feature and expand our database to support more clothing brands and to have more information on shopping and donating. With more time, we hope to make our interface more streamlined and improve our algorithm’s efficiency.

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