Re-eddit - Dubhacks 2016


A Nodejs API that filters NSFW and inflammatory subreddit posts from a given subreddit.

This product is targeted toward older audiences that can still choose to click on filtered posts. They now have a warning against doing so.

Comes with a front-end in angularjs.

Allows for a more friendly, less bully prone reddit browsing experience.

Uses Clarifai's NSFW trained image processing model to determine if subreddit posts' thumbnails and linked images are NSFW.

Uses Google's natural language processing API to determine if the subreddit posts' contain negative sentiment.


  • Clarifai Image Recognition API
  • Google Natural Language Processing API
  • Snoowrap - Nodejs wrapper for the Reddit API
  • Angularjs - UI framework
  • Express - Nodejs http server


  • Amazon Web Services - hosts this app!
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