We observed that in job interviews the interview process is heavily coloured by the opinions and preconceived idea of both the interviewer and the interviewee.

What it does

Our hack aims to mitigate this by providing a challenge that ca determine teamwork skills, response to failure and other personality characteristics that affect how you work in a job environment. We do this in the form of a game, where the goal is to collect as many points as possible with the aid of your team members.

How I built it

I built the client in electron.js and the server in node.js, I then connected them together with a physics engine and input handling.

Challenges I ran into

I was unable to complete my hack to my satisfaction due to my entire team not providing anything, nor attending anything other than the first few hours of the hack. I struggled to complete everything in the time period

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I learnt from scratch how to make a game, connect a client to a server and work comfortably in node and electron and was on my own able to submit something despite the problems i had with my group.

What I learned

I learned what a team environment is like and that you can't pin everything on your other team members working as expected. I learn't many new skills in terms of networking, input handling, node.js and electron and I gained valuable advice from mentors throughout the hack.

What's next for Re-croot

I would like to finish building this so that it achieves all the goals i originally had for this hack.

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