The 80s was considered the golden era of music, art and all round awesomeness We would like to generate 80s style remix of modern songs using AI, to picturize everything in a retro 80s style. Recently we discovered a new genre of music which is basically modern songs remade in an 80s style, and we have a playlist of the best of these on our site

What it does

User can upload a song track, an image, or a music video to be transformed into 80s style remix
We have a cool 80s themed site with awesome music playing in the background which are basically new songs remade in an 80s style

How we built it

  • Front-end development using react

  • Back-end development using python

  • Audio style transfer using OpenAI

  • Image style transfer using Neural Artistic Style Transfer

  • Video style transfer using ReCoNet

  • Jupyter Notebooks running on Google Colab to do the AI heavy lifting

  • Google Cloud Storage to store and save all the awesome 80s swag (and files for our notebooks)

Challenges we ran into

GPU power was a big issue. It takes about an hour to get a single song sample made and more hours on top to upsample the song so it is listenable.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

please see the gallery for some examples of the generative work we produced

  • purple was very heavily used in the 80s for some reason

What we learned

The use of GANs and VAEs for the use of generative art.

What's next for re:

  • To keep upsampling the songs so they sound good

slack contact

awesome 80s playlist

Enjoy the music!

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