We wanted to do something for social good and realised that we always did not know where to find the nearest recycling bins in NUS

What it does

Links to a user's wallet and allows users to find recycle bins. Upon successful recycling, user will be credited 1 green token into his wallet.

How we built it

Primarily with react native on frontend and node.js on backend, with Firebase FireStore.

Challenges we ran into

Deciding our database - SQLite, MongoDB, Firebase, local array Connecting the wallet Dependencies - errors with yarn, npm, and peer dependencies in react native modules

Accomplishments that we're proud of

connecting the wallet obtaining the bin locations to automatically render in google maps qr code scanning - invalid, too far, valid and near.

What we learned

figure out which database works best for our needs before we even implement it, since we implemented sqlite before realising it does not suit our need (need to share over network)

What's next for RCYCL

users can add bins to map show token balance in profile

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