Realtime Checkin Automated Marketing rCam is a platform for collecting and viewing statistics on consumer activities within a store, shop or restaurant. It leverages the Apple iBeacon bluetooth low energy framework to seamlessly gather statistics about where a consumer is in a retail place. This data is used to provide a rewards program to the consumer, which increases loyalty to the store and drives more consistent sales. Additionally, the data is used for graphs, charts and reports to aid the retail owner in understanding customers’ behavior. By leveraging multiple beacons, statistics such as “Which display gets the most attention?”, “How many more customers do we get on Thursday then Friday?”, “Which seating area gets the most use?”

rCam has two mobile entry points, an iPhone consumer app and a iPad management app. The iPad management app allows for easy management of beacons and a convenient and quick look at data most useful to management of beacons and local customers. It leverages the iOS SDK and the Salesforce REST API.

The iPhone consumer app is the consumer facing app, it provides promotional information and loyalty rewards which can be consumed at the POS. It leverages the Heroku Node.js service which in turn leverages the Salesforce REST API.

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