To improve upon existing DeFi systems that we as traders knew could be much better, especially DEX trading.

What it does

RBX is a revolutionary multi chain DEX, supporting over 30 chains, aggregating 120+ liquidity sources, plus our proprietary x-chain dex. Features include: cross-chain swaps, multi-chain Bridge, limit orders, whale (algorithmic) orders, a non-kyc P2P-based fiat on/off ramp, OTC trades for tokens and NFTs, customized staking pools, token launchpad with support for various sales types, and much more. Our dApp uses only publicly accessible decentralized data sources directly from web3 nodes, ensuring the platform can run indefinitely on decentralized hosting channels such as IPFS.

How I built it

We started back in Feb 2021 as Rocket Bunny, launching with only a single ETH in liquidity. We launched our first product, the RocketDrop staking platform, just two weeks later. After our V2 upgrade to RBX in Nov 2021, we continued to build our team and develop more products on a consistent schedule, leading to where we are today.

Challenges I ran into

Educating users about novel product features, especially if they are brand new to the space. Maintaining 100% infrastructure decentralization (so far so good). Hitting arbitrary deadlines are difficult in software development, but even more so when developing on cutting edge web3 technologies…

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Every single product we offer, our persistence, and bringing together such an amazing team. Being able to keep our code working with 100% decentralization in mind really makes me happy.

What I learned

There's a lot of really weird, nearly impossible to solve bugs in DeFi software, but ultimately you can overcome them with enough perseverance and out of the box thinking. I’m not kidding, it feels like you’re hacking code/infrastructure instead of actually developing most of the time.

What's next for RBX-Carbon

We'll continue to expand our product line, improve upon existing products, and grow our team. Our upcoming line of novel derivatives and stable-pegged assets has the entire team and community very excited.

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