Our Inspiration for this project was to create a way to improve RBC to its full potential. Taking personal surveys is much better than surfing social media for keywords due to the possibility of reviews that are meant to mess up our data. TellRBC is an amazing website to bring together people’s thoughts and wishes for RBC in the future. It allows you to view all of the analytics from customers who took the survey. We used the Google API for data charts and a Typeform survey to gather information from customers. We used HTML, PHP, CSS and JavaScript. Some challenges we ran into were things such as configuring a login and register system. I (Simon) spent about 10 hours on a login system on react that didn't work overall so Nabeeha and Amy had to finish the login system in PHP later on. Accomplishments that we are proud of are our beautiful graphics and a fully function website in 24 hours. We learned many things including reading the question more indepthly. We did not realize until later on that we had to scrape social media APIs and once we figured out, I (Simon) signed up for the Twitter API but did not get a reply.

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