The custom app for RBC is not very friendly to user, it also lacks feature that people uses daily. we decided to create an Android/IOS app extension for RBC that not only help keeping check of credit card and credit limit, it also help user control their spending and budget wisely

What it does

Add on the the RBC app/database/platform, our app improve the user experience with simple, elegant, easy to use UI along with necessary feature like budgeting and keeping track of spending and credit limit

How we built it

we used flutter to create one code base for both IOS and Android

Challenges we ran into

Designing with an ergonomic UI/UX, deciding what is appropriate feature a user wants while also maintain the security a user expects from a trustworthy bank RBC

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The design is smooth, elegant, and very intuitive, it work wells and give the users control over their spending and habits

What we learned

the importance of a good user experience, how to think like a user, how to meet user expectation, understanding the needs of the populace, compromise between important features for timing and other purposes(security)

What's next for RBC budget extensions

Integration into RBC platform

Built With

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