We didn't have anything to do on the long drive here and wanted to make something unique that would stop road trips from being boring.

What it does

It allows a custom rendition of the classic game Tron to be played via WiFi off of a Raspberry Pi 3 Local Server. It works independent of the larger internet to allow people to play Tron together on a Wireless LAN network where regular internet access is unavailable.

How we built it

We modded a Raspberry Pi 3 to act as both a WiFi Access Point and Router, created an Apache web server on it, and wrote a custom version of Tron in JavaScript for it to run.

Challenges we ran into

The Pi 3 was very resistant to becoming a WiFi Router and we had to reinstall the Raspbian OS several times before getting it to work. Even when we did get it to work, it somehow disabled its Ethernet port, meaning we had to slowly install all the web server software manually from a USB drive. We also had very little prior experience working with JavaScript.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It works!

What we learned

We learned a lot about working with Linux systems and writing JavaScript.

What's next for RazzaTron 3000

We'd like to add more games to the system for users to choose from.

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