Elevator Pitch

Razakar is a platform that connects the volunteers with teaching and mentoring opportunities to make quality education accessible to disadvantaged.

Razakar meaning

Razakar (رضا کار ) is an urdu word which literally means volunteer


As per World Giving Index 2017, Pakistan stands 5th in the world in terms of charitable donations but in terms of volunteering time, we don't even feature in the list. We believe these numbers don't reflect our attitude as a society and we are lagging behind in this area because there is no credible platform connecting volunteers with volunteering opportunities.

What it does

Razakar is an app which takes out the hassle from the process of volunteering time with an initial focus on education but the possibilities for its application are limitless!

SDG Goal

Razakar tries to address the SDG Goal 4: Quality education

How we built it

Razakar mobile app is built with Xamarin and C# programming language with ease of building mobile apps for multiple mobile platforms (Android & iOS). Backend Razakar is being implemented in ASP.Net Core and SQL server hosted on Azure. We also own the domain (http://razakar.org/) and plan to develop a web app too.

Key Challenges

(* Generating awareness and appreciation for the platform amongst our target audience of organizations and volunteers will be our major challenge. (* Formulating a robust prescreening and rating system for volunteers and organisations

What's next for Razakar

After validating the efficacy of our solution/platform in the education space, in the longer run, we will open our platform to volunteering opportunities across other SDGs.

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