The Problem Statement

Governance, Risk and Compliance​: How might we enhance the detection of emerging strategic risks in the supply chain?


Often, it's not the risks that you see coming, but the risks that you dont see coming (the unknown unknowns). How do you plan for a problem that you don't know is coming?

This is especially true in the hyperconnected economy that exists in today's world. Players and elements within the economy are becoming increasingly interconnected and interdependent. Relationships between these elements are also dynamic and highly complex.

What it does

Raydar leverages bleeding-edge data analysis and trend identification technologies to increase your visibility over the entire supply chain.

  • Assess relationships between all players within a complex supply chain network.
  • Intuitively identify emerging risks and take proactive steps to manage your risk exposure.


Identify n-th degree associations Risk rating of each network node Highlight top risks and their associations

How we built it

  • We went through various design iterations/paper prototypes - more than 5 - and decided on the simplest, best idea and design and worked on it.
  • We used machine learning, natural language processing and sentiment analysis to reinforce and further validate the idea as a proof-of-concept (seen in the final output).

Challenges I ran into

  • Scoping down the problem to deliver a proof-of-concept that accurately illustrates the potential business value within the given timeline

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We managed to do this in under 2 days!

What we learned

  • How to efficiently divide the tasks according to each teammates' core competencies
  • Being focused on the task at hand

What's next for Raydar

  • Enhancing the ML model
  • Improving the data visualisation
  • Interfacing with other data sources

Demo Login Credentials

Raydar Landing Site

Username: apple
Password: pineapple
  • Once in the dashboard, click on the 'Filter' button to adjust your preference (e.g. product name, threshold, email)
  • You may receive an email with a list of risks that have exceeded the threshold set (e.g. 50%)

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