Assigned Team Number

Team 3

Biographies of Team Members

He Songchi: Year 4 NUS Computer Science, specialising in AI and algorithms.

Sun Jiaze: Year 3 NUS Business Analytics & Business Administration, currently working as Head of Project Management in NUS FinTech Society.

Lee Zheng Han: Year 3 NUS Computer Science.

Wu Xiangjiehui: Year 4 NUS Electrical Engineering.

Chosen Problem Statement

Statement 3: Design and develop a Web3 game that interacts with the blockchain or gamification layer that has profitable unit economics that allows for a sustainable gamefi economy.


Although there are other alternative pet games in the market, pets usually do routine stuff and it gets boring after a while since the game becomes predictable. Pets also do not have a clear identify and usually fail to establish bonds with the player.

With that in mind, we want to create a chill, casual and fun pet game where the pets are constantly interacting with the surrounding and surprising the players with their fun daily activities.

With the blockchain technology, we want to enable players to actually make transactions on the pets they own to gain a greater sense of achievement.

All of these lead to the creation of our game Rayc.


Within the game, the user is able to keep and raise a Rayc to their liking by feeding, training, sending them to exciting expeditions or just observing their daily activities. Moreover, players are able to transact Rayc and their toys using NFTs.

Development Tools

We built the game using Unity with prepared assets. Each team member has his/her specific tasks to complete and we use a table to track each member's progress using ClickUp as the issue tracker. For blockchain interactions, we use Moralis as the SDK.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to complete almost 90% of the game (we just need more interaction events, toys and other in-game items). The core game mechanics is more or less complete.

We managed to publish game assets as NFTs and players view item collections on OpenSea after in-game transactions.

We love the game art, character design, animations and game mechanics and we believe this is going to be a great game.

Components Not Created At Hackathon

  1. Some game sprites, background pictures and other game art related assets.

  2. A few in-game lightweight prefabs.

  3. A few helper scripts that are open source in nature.

External Libraries, APIs/SDKs and Assets

  1. Moralis SDK for blockchain interaction and crypto wallet authentication.

  2. Dunkin Unity Font Asset which is free for personal use. View the font by clicking the link: link

Github Repo


Video Demo Url


What's next for Rayc

Add in more Rayc evolutions.

Add in more toys, runes and food items.

Further complete the smart contract security and functions.

Make Rayc-toy interaction more fun by allowing players to participate.

Add more room areas and so on.

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