_ Simply enter a search term _ - the site will collate the top news articles on the subject based on a fine-tuned range of criteria using the EventRegistry API. We then run these articles through Majestic's API to analyse each source's reputability, and only pick the best few to run through SMMRY natural language API in order to create an easy to read digest on the search term given.

The back end is entirely Python, a relatively new language to all of us. Our Web front end is made by Hackathon first-timer Ijeoma. And we've made the app with integrations from Majestic, EventRegistry, and SMMRY API.

We're especially proud of this hack - as it's the first project we've actually managed to finish fully featured within the 24 hour time frame (likely due to the all-nighter we pulled this time round).

The app works locally for now - but we aim to put it on a server soon!

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