Our whole team was highly interested in the idea of steganography and cryptography.

How It Works

Our app, Raven, allows users to encrypt text in a .gif file. You can upload your .gif file and choose what message you wish to embed in it. Then, Raven turns it into a new .gif that you can send via text message to your friends and family without suspicion that it is anything other than a text.

Challenges We Ran Into

One challenge was the concatenation of the .gif file and the text .zip file. This is because Android apps do not support terminal system executions and therefore the steganography was not as easy as it is on a computer. We were able to overcome this by instead performing bit manipulation to join the two files.

Accomplishments That We're Proud Of

We were able to meet our original design idea which is a huge accomplishment for a 24 hour hackathon. We also had fun with the idea and played off of the poem "The Raven" and the Game of Thrones to have a theme for our app.

What We Learned

Intellij is definitely the way to go for Android development. Also, pair programming works extremely well in this kind of setting. Prepping ahead of time by downloading all of the need software would have been a good idea to avoid having to spend a good portion of time waiting for things to download and get used to a new IDE.

What's Next For Raven

We are going to implement another layer of encryption by encrypting the actual message too. We would also like to allow for attaching other file types to the image to be more dynamic. In addition, better integration with the messaging system would make the user experience a lot better. It would be ideal to have a bank of .gif files in the app to choose from for more convenience. Furthermore, we would like to go through the documents on the user's phone and display only the documents of supported file types. Different ways to unpack the .gif like saving the file or emailing would also improve the usability of Raven.

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