I am the type of person that loves food and loves to eat out at restaurants. However I also do not like to other dishes that I do not enjoy and end up wasting money. One day I thought, it would be nice if I had an app that could show me the best dishes to eat at whatever restaurant I am in. That day I came up with "Ravedish".

What it does

It is a mobile application much like Instagram or Facebook, that allows its users to post a picture/rating of the dish they ate and share it with other uses. These pictures/ratings/reviews can be accessed by other users that want to see the highest rated dishes that restaurant or venue has to offer.

How I built it

I used NodeJS/Mongo/Redis as my backend stack and databases. I then used React Native to build the iOS mobile app.

Challenges I ran into

I started the project when React Native was still a very young project and thus had to wait at times for functionality or bug fixes to land.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Finished a fully native iOS app using nothing but Javascript! Also proud of the nodejs backend.

What I learned

How to architect a user feed type of application where I fan out my writes and optimize for reads.

What's next for Ravedish

Introduce social/sharing capabilities so that I can be shared across to other social networks. Android app.

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