The increase in crime in our communities means we need more security than ever. While a lot of citizen safety lies on the government, we believe that we, the citizens, could play a collective role in feeling safer. We have lost friends due to their ignorance of the state of security around them. Being able to report fire incidents, missing persons, and being aware of nearby incidents as they happen will take the society steps further in democratizing policing.

This coupled with the citizen safety category made the idea to ensure that no one would be rendered helpless in any situation where they could have otherwise had a third party check up on them when such events occur.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. Effective team bonding, we had a great time working on the idea while learning a lot concurrently.
  2. Learning about geo-spatial queries in MongoDB and rendering live user information on maps .
  3. We've won hackathons in the past, a particular one being the flutter wave hackathon that happened at Unilag

What we learned

We learnt about making PWA's using react and also learnt about designing APIs with Node.js and Web Sockets.

What's next for Rav'n

We intend to continue developing the idea by adding more features like

  • natural language processing to automatically classify reports
  • push notifications for recent nearby incidents
  • messaging using Nexmo APIs
  • inclusion of government agencies for end to end support.
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