E-commerce site and the in-store are to places that seems to be totally disconected with each other. This make ineffective all the valuable data that is gather from the e-commerce site. By utilizing the data that is obtained from the digital consumers preferences, it is possible to offer a better service when they come to the store. The goal of this project is to utilize this data and at the same give the customers a personalize experience that will allow to get what they need and what they need in the future.

What it does

We are creating a new service for K-rauta which offers personalized service through tablet interface. This service simplifies salesman´s customer service and buying process.

When customer comes to K-rauta, he or she gets an option to use personalized buying service. If customer chooses to use personalized buying service, he or she is directed to sit and drink coffee at quiet lounge area. After this, salesman gives tablet to which customer uses to customize his or hers store experience. Tablet is big and easy to use. It shows information in simple user interface.

Application itself is simple and convenient, Tablet uses android platform and there is a sharing possibilities. Online features are connected with rental features. Application offers personalized discounts which can be connected discounts or discounts which are suggested according choices customer does.The application has close proximity adds. and at the same time offers an unique customer experience and relaxing unique experience. Even the help is personalized.

When customer starts using the tablet, he or she chooses the service language.Then, customer logs in to the tablet with his or hers plus card. Customer can choose products which he or she wants to buy and tablet application will direct customer to those products. If there is a lack of products, application will inform from it. Application indicates this product situation with the color symbols.

Tablet application offers also a possibility to simulate different situations to compare before and after effect. There is build do-it yourself service in the application. If customer needs help, he or she can request salesman through application

When customer chooses which items to buy, the application suggests K-rautas services to the customer, such as book time, financial-, installation-, decoration-, designing-, transport- and energy service . This way, the application encourages customers to use different services together. By doing this the application shows what you have bought and how many points you have gathered, Also it gathers your receipts and tells seller what you have bought.

How I built it

Challenges I ran into

First of all we analyzed which was the real problem that nowadays in-store shops they have .After identifying the problem that we were solving, we brainstorm which were The project was build using android studio. Due to the limited amount of time it was developed a prototype with the most basic functionalities.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It was challenging to identifying the route problem. Due to the time constraint, it was not possible to develop a functional prototype. Nonetheless we come up with the user interface and a demo that shows how the app will work.

What I learned

We learned the importance of utilizing the customer data that is obtained from the k-rauta e-commerce site during the sales process.

What's next for Rauta Näyttö

There are still several steps that are required in order to implement SHOP SMART. First of all K rauta needs to get android tablets that will run the SHOP SMART platform. Also the platform functionalities needs to be developed and implemented.

Built With

  • canva
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