So often, our schedules seem to never match up with those of our friends... Half our lunches are lonely, and the other half amazing. How can we make every lunch amazing?

What it does

By using a Facebook API, users are able to log in immediately, input a date, location, and time ranges that they are available to find new people that are similarly available!

How we built it

From programming objects to drivers in Java, we later moved most of the code and translated it to Android Studio. With (lots of) Photoshop, we were able to create the general template of the app and our logo to incorporate our work quickly!

Challenges we ran into

We hit a bevy of errors by having difficulty incorporating code, highlighting the time selected, and using Facebook API to actually work.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The app fully runs and we can remember usernames! Data is being submitted by storing all the matches and made functions to change time and preferences if needed by the user.

What we learned

Not only did we learn how to use AndroidStudio well, we also learned how to implement multiple classes in Java! Photoshop was pretty interesting, as well. Our teamwork was unparalleled.

What's next for Ratty

By 6/1, we expect Ratty to be fully running at Brown! Soon, we'll expand to all the ivys, then all colleges, and then to the professional workspace too!

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