I was playing this game Everwing in Facebook Messenger and I was very impressed with the integration and seamless interaction on my messenger. I didn't install anything, I just started playing. Chat Bots should not be treated as a boring system but a middleman that connects everything in a more organic and natural way.

I hate installing app events! It waste a lot of resources for my phone and sometimes it doesn't give me the benefit that I need. I created ratheror chatbot because while other people treat chatbot as a system, I treat this chatbot as a event organizer but located inside a messenger. No more installing of this useless mobile apps, just go to your favorite messenger and start interacting with events that my chatbot handles!

What it does

It is an interactive classroom, conference, event, dungeons and dragons, meetups, and even Tech Dates (Yes that happens). He is that wingman that you love to be with in the events but instead of buying him/her tickets, allotting budget for his food and drinks, we give you a cute and cuddly chatbot easily accessible on your phone.

No Need to Install, just start Chatting!

Things it can do:

All the features listed below are readily accessible using Facebook Messenger or Slack

  • Get Feedback/Questions from users anonymously.
  • Execute a contest inside or outside your event
  • Send Polls or Surveys to your users so you can get general concensus about your events. For a classroom setting, you can check if your students is in touch with your lecture by checking if they answered correctly.
  • Send files to every participant in your event. No more email hassles no more downloading of apps just to download a presentation file
  • View Audience Statistics inside your event.
  • Send a broadcast message on all your participants. Have a promo inside your event offline? Send it using this feature

Features for Event Contest that you may have:

  • Roll a number from 1 to X
  • Say a sentence using Amazon Polly.
  • Flip a coin virtually. But we are currently accepting physical coins. :)

Things it can't do yet

  • Steal your girl yet
  • Destroy humankind yet
  • Create Interactive games but added on my feature bucket
  • More elaborate contest that uses the chatbot stack technology
  • Find my master a girlfriend.
  • World Domination

How I built it

I built it using the whole Amazon Stack for chatbot. Avid fan of AWS and I am trying to extend my tech capabilities with the AWSs. I used Amazon Polly for the presentation

Challenges I ran into

Learning Dynamodb was a pain in the A. Since I am very accustomed to Relational Database, learning DynamoDB's concept was really hard on my part.

Lambda was also hard to use but thankfully I studied and adapted real well. Amazon Lex also has a lot of limitations ( uploading by image) that limited the features that I can churn our for my event app.

Learning the different syntax,structure and limitations of facebook messenger API, slack API and Lex were also a problem and adapting my lambda to these was very hard.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was very proud to finish everything within a week of work. With my ability to learn API and mastery of Amazon Documentation, the flow of learning everything I need to know was easier than ever.

I was also proud that I can still project my Dark Humor on things like very angsty chatbot that you will surely enjoy.

What I learned

1 How to use a Amazon Lambda 2 How to use Amazon Lex 3 How to use DynamoDB 4 Using Amazon Polly to create the video. 5 Facebook Messenger API and Slack API

What's next for ratheror - interactive conference buddy

  • Connecting the account registration to other event apps(EventBrite, TicketMaster) and dynamically creating channel around it via their own API. I had no time left to integrate this for the Challenge but feature is on its way.
  • Creating interactive games! We want to create more in depth interactive games to give more seamless and fun interactions in your event.
  • Creating channels for the events. I didn't have the time to create the channel because of jobs and limited time in my end
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