Many major game publishers have been engaging in anti-consumer business tactics with impunity, so having a space where people can compile their praise and criticisms of various publishers would be a good way to offer transparent public feedback to game publishers.

What it does

Like Yelp and RateMyProfessor, RateMyPublisher is meant to be a user friendly, open source reviewing site where users can review a game publisher based on their business practices. Rather than compile the success of their releases like Metacritic, we want users to compile their overall experience with game publishers so that those who visit the website my know which publishers to avoid upon launch and which publishers are generally trustworthy when it comes to delivering a quality product.

How we built it

We're trying to build it using Bootstrap, CSS, and HTML.

Challenges we ran into

Most of us know nothing about web development but we wanted to push ourselves and try our hand at something out of our range. It seemed pretty Pyrrhic and futile since many of our original peers gave up, but we chose to at least present our idea.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Nothing as of yet

What we learned

We need to learn more HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript and Python to be better prepared for this

What's next for RateMyPublisher

We will expand upon this after the hackathon

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