This website was heavily inspired by Catme peer evaluations me and my project partner have used in our Professional Development course, the CS:GO commendation system, and RateMyProfessors.

What it does

You can register on the website where you will then be able to give classmates commendations based on certain traits you would want to see in a team member.

How we built it

We used WebFlow for the general design of the frontend with some minor HTML editing. FontAwesome and Canva were also used for logos and icons. For the backend, it is running on a hastily put together LAMP stack with PHP to power the website logic.

Challenges we ran into

The main challenges that we ran into were time constraints. We have realized that we aren't the most creative of individuals and didn't come up with the idea until around 12 hours after we started brainstorming. This, and due to sleep depravation, we didn't fully finish the website with all of the features we wanted it to have.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of how fast, ignoring delays due to brainstorming and sleep, we put together a website. We had almost zero experience with web hosting prior to this hackathon.

What we learned

We learned the basic fundamentals of programming and debugging PHP, how to set up a LAMP stack on Ubuntu, and that ideas are the hardest part of creating something new.

What's next for RateMyClassmate

If this website shows any demand for it, the obvious first step would be to link it to the domain that was purchased for it (currently sitting on a VPS with no TLD) and to finish the initial features we had planned out.

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