Each election is a struggle since government representative information isn't readily available.

What it does

Allows people to enter their zip code and to see who represents them in their state/national government. They can then rate how well their government representatives are performing and list/see what they and others like/dislike about their reps.

How I built it

Everything was built on the Wix platform.

Challenges I ran into

  1. This was my first time building anything on Wix, so I ran into a lot of beginner problems.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  1. Becoming somewhat proficient on Wix.

What I learned

  1. It's pretty convenient to deploy a nice looking app on Wix.

What's next for Rate your Rep

  1. Implement the natural language processing component on the representative page that identify the key things that people like or dislike about a representative based off all the reviews submitted about them. Right now the key terms are just hard coded.
  2. Grab data from trustworthy sources like the FEC to give more information about representatives, such as who their donors are.
  3. Actually show the right likes/dislikes of a representative in an infinite horizontal scroll view. Right now it's just hard coded.
  4. Right now the rating system doesn't check if you voted and allows unlimited votes, need to update it so that you're only allowed 1 vote per person.

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