Time management is important to me and our team. We believe that college students would benefit from pragmatic information only acquired by actually taking the classes they're yet to take.

What it does

Register on our website, copy the schedule template, select your institution and fill out your class schedule. Other registered students in your institution can comment on your schedule and provide helpful information regarding class load, homework, or study/time management tips.

How I built it

We created a template spreadsheet for all users to copy and personalize. The registration website is built using React, deployed using the Google Cloud Platform and MongoDB for storing class information.

Challenges I ran into

We had to re-learn how to use React during this hackathon, so we had to do that quickly. Additionally, CGP has so many capabilities that we got lost in the features. Help from other participants in this hackathon was invaluable.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We managed to learn React and GCP in under two days, so that was great.

What I learned

I learned to be more flexible about goals.

What's next for Rate My Schedule

We're going to extend more Universities/Colleges to our class database. Currently we only support University of Maryland and University of Virginia.

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