After driving over a pothole recently, I had to spend a lot of money and time to fix my broken suspension system. Furthermore, I learned that potholes are commonly rated among the top annoying things. This inspired me to develop an IoT solution for detecting all the potholes and pi-pointing them on a map. This way the drivers can be notified in advance if they are about to cross a pot-hole. Furthermore, the responsible parties can use this information to fix the pot-holes.

What it does

This device detects the pothole using a vibration sensor. Once the sensor is triggered, the system records the GPS co-ordinates and send the data to an AWS server for recording the pothole.

How I built it

This is programmed on a Qualcomm DragonBoard IoT device with a 96Boards shield. Using a vibrator sensor the system will detect the pothole. The device then sends the GPS coordinates of the pot-hole to an AWS server for analyses.

What's next for Spot the Pothole

This system can be scaled to the whole population. With that amount of data coming from every single used, the possibilities are endless.

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