We were excited about building something that includes Alexa and we came up with the idea to get data from rate my and get information about the instructor.

What it does

It takes university name and professor name as input and looks up for relevant information and tells you the output along with a top comment.

How we built it

We split up the work and worked simultaneously on the node.js backend and Alexa Skills Development.

Challenges I ran into

We had a hard time implementing our local code into AWS Lambda function because we didn't have much experience with it. Also, we ran into problems with Alexa Skills Kit when we integrated the mongodb database on AWS Serverless Lambda Function.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud because we actually got the skill up and running despite a lot of challenges that we ran into.

What I learned

We learned about how AWS Lambda functions work and basically everything related to Alexa Skills Development.

What's next for Rate My Professor- Alexa Skill

We want to work on improving Alexa responses as our skill runs into errors if it can't comprehend a relavent input. I think the next step would be to integrate BlackBoard Learn, Canvas, or other learning management systems with the skill so that students can access relavent information about their courses and instructors all in one place.

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