We drew inspiration from the fact that there are too many people who just want a nice clean place to relieve themselves, and cannot. Not to mention that but some individuals aren't comfortable going in restrooms that are gender specific, or even not handicap accessible. We wanted there to be some... at least warning for these individuals for what they are getting themselves into.

What it does

As of now the backend server will request locations that it thinks will have rest rooms (not all of them will), and mark them on a map. Users are then able to rate and review based on how clean it was for Males, Females, or Gender Neutral (We cut handicap accessible to get it over the finish line). The front end will in fact show the possible rest room locations near them, as well as the current score based on the category the user is interested in (Again, those are Male, Female, and Gender Neutral).

How we built it

We built it on Node.JS that ingests the google places api to gather potential nearby rest rooms. For the front end we used Angular and put it all into one project.

Challenges we ran into

  • Two of us had 0 javascript experience at all, and considering both major technologies we chose were based on javascript this was a challenge.
  • Two of use have never worked on a RESTful web service before either.
  • One of us has never attended a Hackathon.
  • None of us have ever used Google Cloud api or Google Places.
  • Adding a map into an angular application is WAY more difficult than it should be.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We finished almost all of what we originally set out to do. We didn't get anything extra, but we hit our target pretty well and learned a ton in the process. It was a rough start but the entire team was proud of one another once pieces started falling into place, it was incredible.

What we learned

How to communicate better as a team, sometimes taking a minute to explain something is worth it even if you don't get as much done. How to handle async programming thanks to Node.JS (something we still struggle with).

What's next for Rate-my-facilities

User interface for signing up for accounts and signing into those accounts (backend work is done!). Adding handicap facilities as a category. Adding water fountains as a facility (doubling our use), since nobody like a warm water fountain.


You need to make a .env file in the root directory and you need to paste.


We of course couldn't make the repository public with our API key in there.

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