College students often times find themselves taking the first job they see. However this often leaves them with a job that is stressful, hard, or pays less than what they're worth. We realized that students don't have a good tool to discover the best job in their area. Job boards like LinkedIn and Glassdoor typically don't have lowkey part time jobs, while university job boards are limited to university specific jobs. We wanted to create a means for students to post reviews for job postings within their university area. This would allow students to share experiences and inform students of the best job options for them.

What it does

Rate My University Job is a job postings website created for college students. To access the website, a user must first create an account using a .edu email address. Users can search for job postings based on tags or the job title. The search results are filter are filtered by .edu domain name for users from the same University. A job posting contains information like the average pay reviewers received at the job, the location, a description, an average rating out of 5 stars. If a job posting doesn't exist for their position, they can create a new posting and provide the title, description, location, and a tag. Other students can read these posts and contribute with their own reviews.

How we built it

We created the front end using vanilla HTML, CSS and JavaScript. We implemented Firebase Firestore to update and query a database where all job postings and reviews are stored. We also use Firebase Auth to authenticate emails and ensure a .edu email is used. We designed the interactive components using JavaScript to create a responsive user interface. The website is hosted using both GitHub Pages and

Challenges we ran into

(1) Website Design UI/UX (2) Developing a schema and using a database

Accomplishments that we're proud of

(1) Being able to store account data of multiple users and authenticate the .edu domain. (2) Completing a first project in a collaborative environment (3) Curating a list of job postings from the same university email domains. (4) A robust search engine based on titles and search tags.

What we learned

In general, we learned how to format and beatify HTML files with CSS, in addition to connecting a HTML. We learned how to use the FireStore database and how to query, upload, and update data.

What's next for Rate My University Job

We would seek to improve the UI/UX. We would also look to add additional feature such as upvoting and downvoting posts and a reporting system for malicious/false posts. We also look to improve the search engine to allow for more concise searches and allow the searches to be sorted based on rating/pay/tags/etc. Overall there are a lot of additional features we can add to make this project even better.

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