While commuting on a bike I started noticing a lot of bikes that were left behind for various reasons just to be collected by the city workers for scrap metal. I saw a value in that. Bike parts cost money. It is fairly easy to collect parts for a few "family" bikes. There is another angle in this. Learning how to do basic mechanics using simple tools help in brain development. So it is a decent idea to show kids how to put a bike together from a scratch or replace some broken part.

What it does

It has a main activity that displays a list of abandoned bikes in 5 mile radius . User can list a new abandoned bike by taking picture, selecting bike type, and a list of available parts ( there is an option to select whole bike option). Clicking list item brings detailed bike info along with the picture and location.

How I built it

As a base I took a TO-DO app from gitHub and modified it to work with camera and a list of bike parts. Fairly simple stuff. If it was not implemented in MVP.

Challenges I ran into

It is not fully functional -> single man team. a lot of things to do. Couldn't get the adapter to display data correctly. I wish I started this project from the scratch, not taking MVP to-do app from github. Might have done more.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Got exposed to professionally implemented Model_View_Presenter design pattern. Taking on a project on my own without any extra input and sticking with it.

What I learned

If there is limited time start with the simplest approach. Donuld Knuth is right.

What's next for RatBike

Well, for starters, I gotta finish it. Use remote database to enable centralized storage. Publish the app and connect bikers.

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