We wanted to change the old boring classroom into a fun smart class which would make it easy for students and teachers to interact and share everything on a network, from notes to taking and maintaining attendance on a portable server dedicated to the classroom.

What it does

1. Wireless Network :

Helps connect teachers and students via a interactive platform.

2. Digital Attendance Module :

Provides easy way to take & maintain the attendance of every student.
All the students in the classroom connected to the network are displayed on the teachers device as online.
Teacher can select the students from the list and provide attendance to the students.
Teacher can view attendance of all students in a tabulated format.
Students can view their attendance in every subject.

3. Files/Notes Sharing :

The raspberry pi works as a file sharing platform.
Teachers can upload notes directly on the server running on raspberry pi.
Students can download and take the notes with them on any device.

4. MCQ Test :

This module enables teachers to create a short MCQ test which is accessible to every student on the network.
Students can take the test and results are directly shown on the teacher's device.
Thus at the end of the lecture teachers can test the student on the key points of the topic taught in the lecture

How we built it

We used the Raspberry Pi as the base of our project and created a portable offline server on it by installing apache, php & MySQL on the raspberry pi. Then we created the wireless network using the inbuilt wifi adapter in the raspberry pi using hostapd. Finally we developed the interface using html, css, bootstrap, php & MySQL.

Challenges we ran into

It was the first time we worked with the Raspberry pi thus we did everything from installing the operating system to setting up of server and developing the interface. It was challenging to create a working platform which we can actually use in our classroom.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We successfully created the Raspberry Pi Smart Class and performed a live demo in our own classroom which received a lot of appreciation.

What we learned

We learned working with the Raspberry Pi and how we can shape a simple idea into reality with the use of technology.

What's next for Raspberry Pi Smart-Class

We plan to create more modules to improve our platform and test it by installing Raspberry Pi Smart Class in one class our college.

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