I got a Pi for my birthday that is on Pi day.

What it does

Plays games from my childhood.

How I built it

Easily after hours of trying to build other things.

Challenges I ran into

The Oculus Rift wouldn't work, the Leap motion wouldn't work, the Myo wouldn't work, and Google Cardboard wouldn't work.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I put together the Pi software correctly, and I troubleshooted many issues before that and on the way.

What I learned

Buy an Nvidia graphics card if I want to use Rift; come prepared with API that takes a week to arrive; don't go down a dead end for so long.

What's next for Raspberry Pi RetroPie Emulator: Merely installed

Augmented Reality functionality complete with a HUD GUI and motion control. (My original plan).

Built With

  • 1-sd-card
  • 1-xbox-controller
  • 3b
  • flash-drive
  • hdmi-cable
  • love-and-nostalgia
  • monitor
  • raspberry-pi
  • wireless-keyboard
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