What's a more terrible hack than a hack that doesn't have any code or technology? We like Raspberry Pis, but it would take us a lot of time and effort to learn code and we can be kind of lazy. So we decided to make a legit Raspberry Pie.

What it does

It is a terrible hackathon project and useless (unless you crave pie and/or are hungry). It is funny and punny and was super complex because both of us aren't the greatest bakers.

How I built it

With Pillsbury pie crust. We're so terrible that we didn't even make it from scratch. We followed a recipe online.

Challenges I ran into

We didn't know how to properly crimp the pie crust edges, so we watched a YouTube video. We were also super tired today, so we both got to the hackathon late. Also, we wanted to carve a line of code with a bug into the pie, but it didn't really work, so we did the pi symbol instead.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Crimping the edges and creating the pi symbol.

What we learned

How to bake a pie.

What's next for Raspberry Pi Pie

We're going to eat it.

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