My inspiration was the night games of one of my hobbies, airsoft. The issue is that a few players can't afford to buy an 'usual' night vision system, so I've challenged myself to do something affordable and with enough quality to play the role.

What it does

Is a system to see without light. It emits a particular frequency light that the camera IR can take, but not the human eye.

How I built it

I used a raspberri pi 3 to build the 'brain', an IR camera as the 'eyes' and a small LCD screen to make it portable. The software to manage the functions is written in python.

Challenges I ran into

I've never play with hardware, so everything was unexplored territory.

What's next for Raspberry Pi Night Camera

The next logical step is to adapt an external battery in order to be able to move and test it properly. The second thing to do is to adapt the refrigeration system. The problem is that the one I have needs the pins that the screen needs. So I will prepare an external power supply and a small circuit to let it works without burn.

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