Super easy for embedding Rarible cards in your website. Support QR code scanning and Buy Now in right there.

What it does

Embeds Rarible cards in many forms

  • Single cards
  • Multiple cards
  • Auction cards
  • Cars with Buy Now button integration
  • QR code for specific items

How we built it

I used typescript/html5 to build unique html elements and interacting with Rarible protocol/marketplace apis to render cards. I also used some libraries such as web3, qr-code...

Challenges we ran into

  • It's my first time to build library in typescript
  • More studying and exploring in Rarible marketplace business

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Understood Rarible apis which applied in the project effectively
  • Build a utility for users can embed Rarible cards easier. Thereby expanding the market and making it more popular

What we learned

  • Frontend skills was improved a little
  • More understanding about NFT marketplace business

What's next for Rarible Embeds

  • Performance should be more improved
  • Css styling/animation should be improved to increase user experiences

Built With

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