Project Story


The inspiration for this project came from our experience launching an NFT collection. Two things we discovered:

  1. Deploying NFT's were not easy for non technical people. Almost every NFT team has a technical founder. In many Discord servers for creating / deploying NFT's, there are artists looking for a technical partner to help deploy an NFT collection. The technocratic nature of NFT's isn't what democratization of art would / should look like. This project is a simple first step to help non technical artists create art that can easily be deployed and shared.
  2. Collection NFT's are heavily community driven, so to be able to develop NFT's publically would help foster loyalty and ownership from your community. Some of the more interesting NFT projects we've seen were very open in sharing their artwork and assets, which garnered a much more active community who were able to contribute feedback and suggestions.

What it does

Currently, the app will allow you to upload a set of layers, with images, and the app will automatically generate images based on the rarity attributes to create an NFT collection.

How we built it

The application built is with web3.js, React, Django, hosting on, with data living in a Postgres database.

Challenges we ran into

It is expensive to work directly with Ethereum. The goal of this project was for someone who is passionate about art to create a set of NFT's for no cost. However, since deploying a new Ethereum costs ~$1800 now, NFT's force creators to make a significant upfront investment.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We had a focus on making the app really user friendly.

What's next?

Adding a way to automatically upload image assets to IPFS and create a new contract on Polygon for a collection. Because polygon is so cheap to use. We are trying to make it completely free for a creator to create a new contract and upload images to IPFS. I think the way this can work is:

  1. Artist clicks "Complete"
  2. Connects to Metamask
  3. Our main wallet deploys a new contract
  4. Transfer ownership to artists address
  5. Upload images to IPFS
  6. Set baseURI

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