Inspiration assistant tool for both parents and school administration that utilizes technology to automate attendance system and provide monitoring tool for parents.

What it does: sends notifications to parents as their kids arrive to school. kids carry RFID tag with them as badge, and as they cross the entrance gate or class doors, it will scan the tags and accordingly send notifications to their parents mobile. For teachers, the app will assist them as attendance system so as kids cross the class door that they should attend it will automatically check their attendance, and thus saving the teachers time and at the same time provide assurance to their parents that their kids are present at school and inside their classes.

How we built it: use raspberry pi to code the FRID tags and send live data to firebase that will then send notifications and other data to the system.

Challenges we ran into: lack of experience in IoT and lack of time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: successfully program the hardware despite the lack of experience.

What we learned: gained knowledge to better deal with IoT.

What's next for Raqaba: make a more efficient way to inform the parents about their kids activity by sending SMS alarms along with the app notifications.

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